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Bespoke electric gates

Perimeter Automations are experts in everything to do with electric gates and automated gates. Our team is Gate Safe accredited and have extensive experience working within the security sector. We can automate all kinds of gates and will assess each individual project to ensure that we are providing the optimal service to every client. Due to our broad range of experience, we are the ideal choice for anyone who wants to receive a complete, tailored service from people who understand the ins and outs of automated gates. We value safety extremely highly in all our work, so you can be sure that you will not only receive a electric gates of the highest quality, but it will also align with all relevant safety regulations.

Old and new gates expertly automated

Our electric gates specialists have developed a wealth of experience through the range of varying projects that they have completed. Regardless of the state that your gates are in, we will be more than happy to assess the situation and help you to determine the best course of action. Over the years our team have dealt with all kinds of gates, from automatic wooden gates to automated aluminium gates. We have even automated the gates to the British Museum, which have been in place for around 250 years. If you need a electric gates completed to a high standard, be sure to get in touch.

Automation safety

Perimeter Automations is immensely proud to be able to display the Gate Safe logo. All our skilled engineers and surveyors can automate remote control gates that will operate safely, and you can trust to work. No matter which of our several options you decide upon, we will make sure that you and the public are safe whenever your automation is in operation. We are the experienced installers of automated gates in Kent that you can rely on.

Automated gates for driveways

Driveway electric gates is something that we specialise in. Installing remote driveway gates will improve both the appearance and practicality of your property, giving it a sleek finish and providing an extra layer of security. We can automate a security gate system made from any material. Our automatic gates are also ideal for installation in commercial settings and schools.

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Automated gate installations

We offer a range of options when it comes to electric gates, and our team will work with you to figure out the best solution for your needs. Whether you require cantilever sliding gates to work effectively on an uneven surface, or you need underground operators that maintain the sleek appearance of your property, we will deliver the perfect result for you. Our team are experts when it comes to commercial and residential automated gates.

Swing gates – arm operators

Above ground motors are a great automation solution for existing gate installs. Swing electric gates can enable gates to open to 90 degrees, with gate leaf sizes of up to 7m.

Swing gates – underground operators

Underground operators are a great solution for security gates in areas where discreet automation is a must, providing a sleek and modest look for your gate install. Underground motors can open gates to 180 degrees, for gate leaf sizes of up to 5m.

Cantilever sliding gates

One of the main benefits of a sliding automatic gate system is the greater level of security it provides for any property or premises. Sliding gates will provide maximum resistance to a forced entry, over and above a basic swing gate system. Cantilever gates operate smoothly and are low maintenance, with the added advantage of not needing a steel track to be installed across the entrance area. They are highly effective for overcoming issues with uneven ground. They can be made up to 7m wide as a single gate, or up to 14m as a pair.

Tracked sliding gates

Tracked sliding gates require a rail to be installed across the opening to allow them to be opened and closed. Tracked sliding gates tend to be heavier than cantilever gates but are slightly more cost-effective and occupy less space. They require a level surface across the opening for the track to be installed. One of the main benefits of an automated sliding gates system is the greater level of security it provides for any premises. Sliding gates will provide maximum resistance to a forced entry and are a great way to modernise a property.


Full height turnstiles are the ideal choice for security and control of foot traffic through an entrance or exit point. This makes them perfect for providing effective control in construction sites, industrial premises, warehouses, transport, airports, and stadiums. Turnstiles come with a fail-safe system, allowing free passage in both directions in case of emergency or power failure. Plus, they are very effective when combined with our access control features, including biometrics, fob readers and keypads.

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