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Here at Perimeter Automations, installing high-quality residential and commercial access control systems is one of our specialisms. Having fitted access control systems across the country, we know exactly what is required to produce results that look great, function perfectly, and comply with all safety regulations. We will provide a tailored service, regardless of which secure access control system you need.

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Access control systems

We have a range of access control solutions available. Our professional team will work closely with you to determine which of our access control systems is most suited to your needs. Take a look at our list showing the systems we offer:

Push buttons

Push button access control systems are activated when a button is manually pushed. They can be installed with alarmed break glass units to discourage unnecessary usage in schools and other public settings. Our push button systems can be catered to DDA regulations to ensure that they are accessible for everyone.

Fire exit integration

We can incorporate fire alarms into any access control system, meaning that doors and exits will automatically be released for the safe escape of building users. When they are combined with a full building access control system, it is possible to immediately identify individuals on site and accurately check if there is anyone missing.

Video intercom

If you need an access control system that can include multiple intercom entrances and CCTV, look no further than our video intercom access control. These systems are an excellent addition to both residential and commercial properties. Your system will include the latest internet protocol systems with HD intercom video feeds, as well as multiple entrances, concierge, and lift call functions.


Biometric systems grant access based on an individual’s unique characteristics, usually in the form of fingerprint readers. Installing one of our biometric access control systems will mean there is no need for any fobs or codes that can be lost or forgotten. If you don’t want fingerprint readers then you can choose an alternative like facial recognition.

Audio intercom

Our audio intercom access control systems can be tailored to your needs, regardless of whether you require a one-way or large 250+ user system. You can have multiple intercom panels, and these can also be integrated into existing systems.

Touch fob systems

Touch fob systems are cost-effective and practical. The systems we have available range from standalone fob systems to large multi-user systems, so we will have something that suits your requirements. You can manage the distribution of your fobs to control who has access to certain areas. Touch fob systems enable you to create a log of who enters and exits, and they can even be integrated into other systems such as a clock in clock out system for payroll.

Secure by design

Secure by Design (SBD) is a membership and licensing scheme created to promote the use of ‘Police Preferred Specifications’ in order to ‘design out crime’. If a manufacturer has had their products tested in accordance with the standards prescribed by the SBD organisation, they can gain SBD approval.


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