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At Perimeter Automations, we are experts in installing high-quality residential and commercial access control systems in Kent. We have implemented countless access control systems in schools, buildings, and sites all over the country. Our team have built a fantastic reputation for their workmanship, having satisfied many customers with excellent access control systems. We know how to ensure that your system looks great, functions perfectly, and complies with each and every safety regulation. Whether you require fob access control, audio access control, ANPR access control, or any other secure access control system, we will deliver a service tailored to your needs.

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For anyone who wants to improve the efficiency of their property or premises, our access control solutions are the perfect option. Streamline the way that people access your commercial or residential building with our specialist services. Call us on 01474 559310, email, or fill out our online form.


Access control systems

We offer a number of access control solutions. Our options cover every automation requirement, regardless of which access control system installation you decide on. Our professional team will work with you to decide which of our door access control systems is most suitable for your needs, before taking on the project in an efficient manner. Our systems can be operated using phone access control wherever you are, leaving you totally in charge at all times. Browse our list to gain a further insight into the security access control systems that are available through our team.

Push buttons

Commonly known as an RTE (request to exit), push button access control is as simple as it sounds – a button is pushed to activate a door access control system. We can also install break glass units in case of any emergencies, so the door releases when pressed and remains unlocked until it is reset. These can be fitted with alarmed covers for the break glass unit to avoid unnecessary usage in settings such as school and public buildings. All our systems have the capability to be integrated into a fire alarm system, ensuring maximum safety in the event of a fire. Push to exit and push for entry buttons can be catered to DDA regulations to make sure that access is suitable for everyone.

Fire exit integration

Integrating access control into existing systems has become more and more commonplace. Advancements in software interfacing and integration technology mean it is now possible to connect access control to many systems, simplifying administration and saving costs. We can integrate our fire alarms into any controlled access system, allowing the automatic release of doors and exits for the safe escape of building users. When combined with a full building access control system, it is possible to immediately identify individuals on site and accurately check if anyone is missing.

Video intercom

We offer a range of remote access control solutions, from a simple one-to-one system through to large 250+ user systems, with the option to include multiple intercom entrances with integrated access controls and CCTV systems. A video access control system can include the latest internet protocol systems with HD intercom video feeds, as well as multiple entrances, concierge, and lift call functions. Display options include fixed wall mounted units, PC software, smartphones, and tablets. These systems are ideal for both residential complexes and commercial properties. For clients requiring installations in areas susceptible to vandalism and crime, we are able to offer ‘Secure by Design’ door entry equipment that has been tested against the latest guidelines to ensure your security needs are met.


Biometric access control systems utilise an individual’s unique characteristics to grant access, most frequently in the form of fingerprint readers. Fingerprint reading provides accurate information for automatic doors and automated gates, removing any need for fobs or codes which can be lost or fall into the wrong hands. We also offer full facial recognition for our biometric access control systems.

Audio intercom

When it comes to audio intercom solutions, we have a range of products available, ranging from a simple one-way system to a large 250+ user audio system. You can include multiple intercom panels which can also be integrated into current systems. These are ideal for both residential complexes and commercial properties. For clients requiring installations in areas susceptible to vandalism and crime, we are able to offer ‘Secure by Design’ door entry equipment that has been tested based on the latest guidelines to ensure that your security needs are met.

Touch fob systems

A touch fob system is a cost-effective solution that requires the user to present a fob to a control reader in order to be granted access. The fobs are small devices, easily mountable on a key chain. The systems available range from simple standalone fob systems suitable for apartment buildings and offices, to large networked multiple user systems for commercial installations. Numerous fobs can be created, meaning multiple users can access certain areas of a building. Facility managers can easily control the physical issuing of these fobs to maintain control over security, and it is possible to control personnel entering specific areas and create logs of entry and exits. This can be integrated into other systems, such as a clock in clock out system for payroll, with an easy-to-use access software used to ensure a seamless operation. Fob systems can be fully managed from a central software programme, so it is possible to remotely restrict access for fobs that are lost or stolen.

Secure by design

Secured by Design (SBD) is a membership and licensing scheme created to ‘design out crime’ by promoting the use of ‘Police Preferred Specifications’. To gain SBD approval, a manufacturer must have their products successfully tested in accordance with the standards prescribed by the SBD organisation.


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