Electric driveway gates

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Gates of Tomorrow: Secure and Stylish Automated Driveways

Here at Perimeter Automations, we are experts when it comes to automated driveway gates. We have a wide range of experience installing many different gates at properties across the country. This has given us the knowledge to decide the best way to approach any given project, in order to provide the most practical and aesthetically pleasing solution. Whether your property would benefit the most from a swing gate or a sliding gate, we will work with you to determine the best route to take based on your requirements. We give tailored, expert advice to all of our customers – we want you to be totally happy with the results.

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We strive to take every driveway that we work on to new heights. Our team are always ready to embark on a new project and are passionate about the work that they do. If you want to experience the benefits of our driveway services, call us on 01474 559310, email sales@perimeter-automation.co.uk, or fill out our online form and we’ll respond soon.


A complete service

Our team will deliver a comprehensive service, taking every consideration into account. Our personal customer service enables us to gain a clear understanding of every client’s desires so we can make their dream driveway electric gates a reality. We do everything to ensure that your gates are attractive, functional, and entirely safe. The focus that we put on safety is second-to-none, with safety edges available so you can be sure that the gates for your driveway will not cause issues for you or any passersby. When planning your electric gate design, we will make sure that it looks the best it possibly can, incorporating underground features or complicated cabling work if necessary to maintain the appearance of your home.

Electric sliding driveway gates

Our electric sliding driveway gates are an excellent addition to any home. They give you a fantastic level of security and privacy, as you only need to open them when you wish to enter or exit the property. No matter how even the ground is at the front of your property, we have options that will work for you. We craft beautiful designs which will complement the look and feel of your house, giving you a finish that you can take great pride in.

Electric wooden driveway gates

The wooden driveway gates we install are a highly attractive feature for any property. We can craft them with a smooth finish, adding to their aesthetic value. Our electric gates service can be utilised on your wooden gates, providing you with an extremely practical outcome.

Electric gates for small driveways

Even if your driveway is smaller than average, we can work with you to figure out a solution that brings your vision to life. Our team have automated gates that complement the design of countless homes with varying sizes of driveways. The gates which we automate can be of many different sizes, so you can rest assured that we will provide the best results for you. We have the ability to give you exactly what you are seeking for your small driveway.

Metal gates for driveways

The metal gates which we offer are the pinnacle of driveway security. When combined with our automation services, they become one of the most secure remote control gates solutions available. Our team will craft your metal gates in a sleek and appealing manner, so you can trust that they will complement your property.

Transform your property

When we are finished with our electric gates work on your driveway, we can provide a number of other services that will take your property to the next level. We can implement CCTV systems for your property, giving you the ability to monitor everything that happens in and around your home and putting your mind at ease. Plus, you can choose from several access control features to find a solution that suits your needs.

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We can provide a comprehensive service that will greatly improve your driveway. Take the first steps towards the electric driveway gates that you deserve by getting in touch with us. Call us on 01474 559310 or email sales@perimeter-automation.co.uk and we’ll provide you with a response soon.