Albany Point, Frimley Swing Gates Arm Operators, Tracked Sliding Gates, Automation Safety


Howard Russell


June 2021


Swing Gates – Arm Operators, Tracked Sliding Gates, Automation Safety

The brand new Albany Point business park in Frimley had a wide range of new gates installed, all requiring automation and access control. There were some huge gates requiring automation, including:

  • A 17.5m wide tracked sliding gate
  • 2 sets of 7m wide single leaf gates
  • 7m wide double leaf gates
  • Multiple single leaf pedestrian gates

We worked with the client to help design the 17.5m tracked sliding gate, installed the track and assembled and installed the gate when it arrived on a dedicated HIAB vehicle.

Heavy duty hydraulic closers with 100% duty cycle were fitted to the swing gates to enable them to operate all day, everyday with the minimum of maintenance.

All gates are operated by remote control, enabling the eventual clients to have complete control over who enters and exits their property.

All gates are fully fitted with safety edges, finger guards and infrared sensors (photocells) to ensure our gates are safe for end users, and compliant with current UKCA BS-EN12453 and GateSafe guidelines.

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