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Sturdy Defenders: Enhance Protection with Our Security Bollards

Our bollards and barriers are the ideal solution for anyone looking to increase the level of security at their property or premises. Whether you require a boom barrier for your business car park or rising bollards for a residential driveway, we have got a range of options available that can be tailored to any needs. Our bollards and barriers have been tested meticulously, so you can rest assured that they will give you optimal security wherever you install them. We can carry out an efficient installation to give you total peace of mind that your home or business is safe and secure.

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Our automatic bollards and barriers are the perfect way to tighten up the security at your property. Call 01474 559310, email, or fill out our contact form for a quick response regarding a bollard or barrier installation at your premises.


Automatic security bollards

Here at Perimeter Automations, we provide premium security bollard installations. They are perfect for any site that requires protection and restricted access. We will work with you, assessing your premises to help determine the best bollard security system for your needs. Our team will carry out an efficient installation that will give you the protection you want.

Rising bollards

Our high-quality rising bollards are the best way to prevent unwanted vehicle access at your property or premises. They are the ideal first line of defence, providing excellent protection for your site, and cover both residential and commercial needs. We have two types of rising bollards available, medium-security and high-security, so you can achieve an outcome that is totally suited to your requirements. These bollards have been crash tested to the highest standards, and are capable of stopping HGVs at high speed.

Rising kerbs

Our automatic rising kerbs are tough, reliable, and uncompromising. They are highly effective when it comes to the prevention of unwanted vehicle access. An excellent deterrant against even the most determined intruder, our rising kerbs emerge from the ground to act as a blocking device against the wheels of any vehicle.

Automatic security barriers

We have excellent automatic security barriers available for installation. Our team will complete an efficient installation, giving you a result that meets all the requirements you have laid out for your barriers. The barriers we offer are ideal for a range of uses, from managing the capacity of car parks to adding an extra level of security to your site.

Boom barriers

Our raising-arm boom barriers are a cost-effective solution for anyone seeking a way to control vehicular access to car parks and crossings. They can be supplied in widths ranging between 2.4 metres and 9 metres. However, your boom barrier system can be doubled to create widths of up to 18 metres. A boom barrier installation can be linked to various CCTV and access control mechanisms, including free exit loops, ANPRs, fob readers, and intercoms.

Curtain barriers

Installing a raising-arm curtain barrier is an affordable and effective way to control vehicular access to car parks and crossings. The individual barriers can be put together to create widths of up to 18 metres. They feature an additional curtain below the boom, which discourages pedestrians from ducking underneath or vehicles trying to sneak through whilst the barrier is coming down. These barriers can be linked to a number of CCTV and control mechanisms, such as ANPRs, fob readers, free exit loops, and intercoms.

Security for your premises

Everyone wants to feel confident that their property or premises is entirely secure. Our bollards and barriers will provide you with the protection that you are looking for. The range of solutions that we provide can cover both commercial and residential purposes. Whether you are in need of medium-security rising bollards for a driveway or a boom barrier gate for a car park, we can efficiently sort a solution for you.


Our medium-security bollards for driveways are the perfect preventative measure to avoid having any unwanted vehicles access your property. These security driveway bollards add to the appearance of any property and are a highly effective driveway blocker. We can also install a driveway security barrier if you would prefer.

Car parks

Our automated barriers are ideal for controlling the flow of traffic in and out of any car park. Plus, alongside adding to the overall appearance of your premises, these barriers can also come with a low-hanging curtain to prevent pedestrians or cars from going underneath. Our car park security bollards are a highly effective option and operate seamlessly.


Our automated barriers are an excellent choice for any crossing, such as a level crossing. Our curtain barriers are perfect for this, as they provide further protection beneath the boom barrier which discourages pedestrians or cars from attempting to cross quickly while the barrier is going down. These security road barriers are extremely effective and look highly professional.

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