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Keyless Security: The Power of Access Control Systems

Here at Perimeter Automations, we are the best option for anyone requiring an access control system installation in Essex. We are specialists when it comes to providing secure access control in both residential and commercial settings, as well as schools. All members of our team have worked extensively throughout Essex, developing the experience that enables them to approach every project in the area in a methodical and efficient manner. Whether you require audio intercom to be implemented at a commercial site in Colchester or need push buttons added to your home in Chelmsford, we have the necessary ability to deliver results which exceed expectations. We have built a reputation for our customer-oriented approach and outstanding workmanship, and many of our previous clients have spoken about how pleased they have been with the results we’ve produced. From phone access control to ANPR access control, we can provide a range of security access control systems that will give you the peace of mind you deserve.

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We are passionate about providing high-quality residential and commercial access control systems across Essex. If you want to experience the practical benefits of our outstanding security measures, don’t hesitate to call 01474 559310, email, or fill out our online form and we’ll get back to you soon.


Access control systems in Essex

Are you looking for a controlled access system in Essex? At Perimeter Automations, we know how to deliver access control solutions which are tailored to every requirement laid out by the client. Our team will collaborate closely with you to determine the most suitable access control system for your needs, so you can rest assured that we will provide a result which aligns with your specifications. We will meticulously prepare for your installation so that we can complete it without causing any major disruption.

Push buttons

Our push button access control systems are a highly practical addition to any premises in Essex, making the process of entering and exiting easy. They are operated using a relatively simple function – just push the button to activate door access. Break glass units can be installed in case of an emergency, so that once a door has been released it can remain unlocked until it is manually reset. Plus, these units can feature alarmed covers to discourage any unnecessary usage in public settings or schools. Our push buttons can accompany fire alarm systems, making sure that safety is always a priority. We can ensure that access is suitable for everyone by catering our push buttons to DDA regulations.

Fire exit integration

Because of technological advancements it is now possible to connect access control in Essex to many other systems, saving costs and making administration easier. It has become increasingly common for access control to be integrated into existing systems. Our team can combine our fire alarms with any controlled access system, enabling doors to be released automatically and building users to escape safely. When installed alongside a full building access control system, it is possible to accurately check if anyone is missing and quickly identify any individuals on site.

Video intercom

When you choose a video access control system from Perimeter Automations, you will have a range of options. Whether you are looking for a simple one-to-one system or a large 250+ user system, we can provide exactly what you want. You will have the option to include multiple intercom entrances with integrated access controls and CCTV systems. A video intercom system can feature the most recent internet protocol systems alongside HD intercom video feeds, plus concierge, multiple entrance, and lift call functions. Display options include PC software, fixed wall mounted units, tablets, and smartphones. These systems are perfect for both commercial properties and residential homes in Essex.


Biometric access control systems in Essex grant access based on an individual’s unique characteristics, most commonly in the form of fingerprint readers. This access control keypad provides accurate information for automated gates and doors, meaning that there is no need for fobs or codes that can go missing or be used by the wrong person. We can also implement full facial recognition for these systems.

Audio intercom

Our audio access control systems can include multiple intercom panels to be integrated into current systems. We have a variety of products available, from large 250+ user systems to simple one-way systems. These systems would be a fantastic addition to any residential complex or commercial site in Essex.

Touch fob systems

Our fob access control systems are a cost-effective solution which requires a user to present a fob to a reader in order to gain access. The fobs are highly convenient, being easily mountable on a key chain. We can install simple standalone systems for apartments or large networked multiple user systems for commercial buildings, depending on your requirements. Multiple fobs can be created so that numerous people can access certain areas of a building, and managers can strictly monitor how these are issued to maintain security. It is possible to restrict access to specific areas for certain fobs, as well as create a log of who enters and exits at any point. You can introduce a ‘clock in clock out’ system for payroll, with seamless operation ensured by an access software which is simple to use. You can benefit from this kind of remote access control, as fob systems can be managed entirely from a central software programme.

Access control installation in Essex

Our door access control systems are designed and installed with aesthetics, practicality, security, and safety in mind. Some of our access control systems include ‘Secure by Design’ door entry equipment that has been tested to ensure that it is completely reliable, making it an excellent feature for anyone planning an installation in an area susceptible to crime and vandalism. We have put together a team that is highly talented and experienced – you can trust us to carry out an installation which lives up to our high standards.


Access control gates in Essex

The access control systems which we can incorporate into automated gates take the entrance of any property or premises in Essex to the next level. We offer a range of access control systems that improve automated gates, from video and audio intercom to biometrics. Trust us to implement an access control system into your automated gates and enjoy the practical and security benefits that come with it.

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