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Perimeter Automations is the team you need for professional CCTV installation in Surrey. Whether you’re looking for a domestic or commercial solution, we work from Oxted to Farnham to deliver the perfect CCTV system to meet your needs. We provide a huge range of products, from wireless CCTV for homes to ANPR for car parks. We’re a well-established and experienced team that is well-equipped to advise on the best system to meet your security needs. Our technicians will work diligently with you to deliver a CCTV system that perfectly fits your requirements. For peace of mind and effective security, choose our experienced team to install your new CCTV system.

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You deserve the best CCTV you can get. For that, you need the best team. Contact Perimeter Automations to find out more about our incredible range of CCTV installations in Surrey. Call us on 01474 559310, email, or fill out our online form.


CCTV specialists in Surrey

Our CCTV installations ensure that your property or premises is under surveillance by using HD or 4K IP cameras connected to a reliable system. Our technicians are experts in CCTV installation in Surrey with the technical know-how and industry experience you need when hiring a team to enhance your security. We’ll find the perfect solution for your needs and see that it’s installed efficiently, discretely, and safely at your site. Having worked throughout Surrey and with CCTV systems of every size and scope, we’re the perfect team for the job.

Commercial and industrial security

Our technicians work tirelessly to deliver the best result possible for your site that fulfils all of your security needs. We work with business owners and site managers in Surrey to ensure that your site is protected by modern and sophisticated security measures. You site will be monitored by cameras everywhere you require, whether this is a single sensitive point, the perimeter of the area, or an entire facility. Our team will professionally install full HD or 4K cameras so you’ll have a clear view through which you can monitor the area. All of our CCTV systems are networkable, and our team can happily integrate them into many existing access and security systems.

Construction site security

At Perimeter Automations, we have a wealth of experience working with top UK contractors on large sites. We can provide CCTV solutions for construction sites across Surrey to ensure they are adequately monitored and your tools and equipment are protected. We’ll conduct a thorough site visit to determine the needs of your site and work with you to find a CCTV system that will offer the most effective security. Even for temporary installations like this we use high-grade IP cameras that provide the same excellent picture quality. You can expect to receive the perfect CCTV system for your site’s needs and to have it professionally installed by our expert team.

Residential security

Our team are experts in their field and can provide a custom CCTV solution to suit your Surrey property’s needs. We are dedicated to finding the best option for our customers and will provide the professional installation service they deserve. Whether you need a single camera or a multi-camera perimeter system we can provide everything you need. Our team are experienced installers and can even integrate your new CCTV into existing security measures that are already in place at your home.


Standing for Automatic Number Plate Recognition, these cameras can easily track visitors to your site by the vehicles that are coming in and create an automatic digital log. This is especially useful at sites with lots of visitors and staff arriving in different vehicles who need to be granted access. You’ll be able to control who is permitted entry and keep an eye on who has entered and exited the site.

Smartphone remote viewing

The team at Perimeter Automations can provide modern solutions that enable you to access your CCTV footage in real time anywhere you can get an internet connection. You can give yourself peace of mind by checking on your property or premises even when you’re away on holiday. This gives you the flexibility you need to be able to step away from the job without completely sacrificing control. You can set your smartphone to notify depending on what’s going on at your site, so you’ll always be up to date on the goings-on. For peace of mind at your Surrey property, our team can connect your CCTV to your smartphone for remote viewing anywhere in the world.

CCTV companies in Surrey

Perimeter Automations is one of the most sought-after contractors in Surrey for CCTV installation. When you choose us, you’ll be benefitting from years of experience and a team that has received extensive training to hone their professional skills and health and safety knowledge. We work tirelessly to deliver custom solutions for each of our customers in Surrey so you can be certain you’re getting the exact CCTV system you want and need. For CCTV systems expertly installed by a team you can trust, be sure to choose Perimeter Automations.


Home CCTV system in Surrey

Our team will conduct a site visit to your home to make sure we’re delivering the ideal CCTV for your property. We have worked for years in Surrey and are well-versed in the different types of properties in the area. By raising the security level of your home you’ll have peace of mind and provide your property with a valuable deterrent against any potential intruders. You can start your journey towards a more secure home today by contacting our team at Perimeter Automations.

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We have a reputation for the quality of our work and are proud to share it with you. Reviews from our customers and our portfolio of work all speak to our impeccable standards and amazing customer service.

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