Electric gates: A smart solution for home security and privacy

Modern living comprises numerous factors and home security is one of the most important aspects. Incidents of burglary, vandalism, and trespassing are on the rise. It is, therefore, important that the householders take the necessary security measures to ensure the safety of their property and family. Installing electric gates is one of the best ways to improve security and privacy in a home.

MRFR has released a report revealing that the automatic gate and door opening system market will likely reach USD 14,238.3 million by 2025, at a 6.8% CAGR. Over the years, home security has transformed significantly, and new inventions and technologies have developed better secure gate solutions for homeowners.

This blog will discuss the development of home security, the characteristics and advantages of electric gates, and how to select the correct electric secure gate solutions for your home. We will also look at some special aspects for residents in Surrey, where electric gates are in demand.

Understanding electric gates

The latest and the most modern type of gates are electric gates. They are electrically energised and can be driven by remote controls, keypads, smartphones, intercoms, or voice commands. Likewise, electric gates can be combined with other security elements, such as cameras, sensors, lights, and alarms.

The various security electric gates are appropriate for different needs and preferences. The most common types include:

Gate Type Description
Swing Gates Swing open and close on hinges. Ideal for homes with large driveways and ample space. Available as single or double gates, adapting to the width of the entrance.
Sliding Gates Slide open and close on tracks. Suited for homes with limited space or uneven terrain. Options include single or double gates, adjusted according to the length of the entrance.
Bi-folding Gates Fold open and close on hinges. Perfect for homes with narrow or steep driveways. Can be installed as single or double gates, depending on the size of the entrance.
Cantilever Gates Slide open and close on rollers, suitable for homes with uneven or sloped driveways. Distinguished by not requiring tracks or ground clearance; instead, they utilise a counterbalance system for support.

Latest security features in electric gates

Modern security electric gates offer a range of features that make them more reliable and effective than traditional gates. The latest security features are:

 Security Feature Description 
 Smart Access Control  
  • Allows remote control and monitoring of security electric gates via smartphone, tablet, or computer.
  • Enables homeowners to grant or deny access using unique codes, video calls, or voice commands.
  • Incorporates cameras, motion detectors, and night vision for monitoring activity around electric gates.
  • Provides real-time viewing and recording capabilities.
  • Sends notifications and alerts for suspicious or unusual movement, enhancing overall security.
  • Ensures safe operation of electric gates without causing harm or damage to people, pets, or vehicles.
  • Utilises sensors, detectors, and stoppers to prevent secure gate solutions closure or opening in the presence of obstructions or malfunctions, prioritising the well-being of all users.

The benefits of electric gates in home security

The advantages of electric gates in the aspect of house security.

Homeowners who wish to enhance their home security and give themselves peace of mind may utilise electric gates. Some of the benefits are:

  1. Deterrence

    It is a strong and visible deterrent as well. Electric gates make your home look more secure and difficult to penetrate. Similarly, the presence of electrical gates also makes the intruder’s job more difficult and risky as the intruder will have to go through the secure gate solutions mechanism and the security features.

  2. Protection

    Electric gates protect your home and your loved ones from unwanted and unauthorised visitors, such as burglars, vandals, and trespassers. Security electric gates also help prevent intrusion into your privacy and property from prying eyes, noise, and pollution because they form a physical barrier between your home and the world.

  3. Convenience

    Homeowners can now open and close these electric privacy gates from within their car or home, saving them time and convenience. Electric gates also save time and energy by not having to be manually operated or maintained.

Enhancing privacy with electric gates

Privacy is another crucial aspect of home security, particularly in urban and suburban areas, where homes tend to be either closely spaced or near busy roads. Homeowners need their privacy to relax undisturbed and remain free from the public eyes.

Electric gates can enhance privacy in several ways, such as:

  1. Blocking the view

    Electric gates could be made of wood, metal, or vinyl and may not allow the neighbors or people on the street to see your home or driveway. In addition, you can choose electric privacy gates in any style and colour to perfectly match your house.

  2. Reducing the noise

    The electric gates efficiently reduce outside noise like traffic, pedestrians, and animals by incorporating sound-absorbing or noise-reducing materials like rubber, foam, and fabric. Likewise, electric privacy gates can be opened in a quiet and noiseless manner.

  3. Increasing the value

    Installing electric gates may add value to your home properties by improving both the look and function of the house. Electric privacy gates will encourage prospective/future buyers’ attraction if they are interested in security and privacy.

Considerations before choosing the right electric gate for your home

Choosing the right electric secure gate solutions for your home can be a challenging task, as there are many factors to consider, such as:

Consideration Description
Budget Prices for electric gates depend upon type, size, material used, design of gate and cost of installations. Moreover, additional costs could be incurred for maintenance, repairs, and electricity. It is important to have a clear and practical budget. Weigh up a number of quotes and packages.
Space Different types of security electric gates require varying amounts of space. Measure entrance and driveway dimensions. Check clearance requirements. Consider landscaping and property aesthetics, ensuring the secure gate solutions fit seamlessly.
Security Determine the level of security as dictated by assessed security needs and risks. Consider security-related features, functions, and accessories. Check compatibility and possible interoperability with current or target IT-network.
Style Electric privacy gates come in various styles: classic, modern, rustic, elaborate, etc. decide on a style that appeals to you personally and blends with your home architectural characteristics. Make sure that you consider robustness and high-quality so the gate can sustain weather changes and general utilisation.

How can Perimeter Automations help you?

Home protection and privacy is an important and invaluable part of today’s lifestyle because it influences people’s health, comfort, and safety in their houses. Electric gates are one of the most effective means of enhancing security and privacy at home.

Automated security solutions by Perimeter Automations offer enhanced home security and privacy. Our team specialises in automatic gates, safety solutions for cantilever swing gates or slider gates underground. Our services include bollards and barriers to access control and high-quality CCTV installations aimed at guaranteeing safe environments around Surrey properties.

Choose our proactive service and maintenance options with 24/7 support to ensure that your security system works perfectly. We provide state-of-the-art intruder alarms to commercial buildings and schools in Surrey for continuance protection. Perimeter Automations is well known in the South East and the UK, offering high-quality services.

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