Paxton Net2 vs Paxton10: Which Access Control System Fits Your Business?

In today’s digital age, securing your business premises is more critical than ever. As companies look for sophisticated access control solutions, Paxton stands out with its innovative systems, particularly Paxton Net2 and Paxton10.

Both systems come with strong security measures, but which one is best for your company? This blog delves into a detailed comparison of Paxton Net2 vs Paxton10, highlighting their features, benefits, and which might be the best choice for your specific needs.

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Paxton Security Systems Comparison

Paxton is renowned for providing high-quality access control solutions that cater to businesses of all sizes. The Net2 and Paxton10 systems are two of their flagship products, each designed to offer unparalleled security and convenience. Let us discuss them in brief:

Paxton Net2 Access Control

Paxton Net2 is a networked access control system offering centralised management and control. It is ideal for businesses looking for a scalable and flexible solution.

Paxton10 Access Control

Paxton10 enhances the access control system by incorporating building automation. It integrates both access control and smart building management features and thus is suitable for organisations requiring control and functionality.

Paxton Net2 vs Paxton10 Features

Key Features of Paxton Net2

  • Centralised Control– Manage access permissions for all doors from a single location.
  • Scalability- Easily add more doors and users as your business grows.
  • Integration- Compatible with other security systems, including CCTV.
  • User-Friendly Software- The Net2 software is easy to use and makes the process of handling all the activities simple.
  • Flexible Access Options- This contains the key fobs, cards, and Personal Identification Numbers (PINs) for access to the building.

Key Features of Paxton10

  • Smart Building Integration- Has access control and automation functions like lighting, heating and ventilation systems.
  • Cloud-Based Management– The control panel can be used to control the system and even monitor it even when the user is in another location.
  • Mobile Access– The use of smartphones will allow users to access the space, and this makes it more convenient and secure.
  • Real-Time Notifications– This will respond to specific access events and instantly provide notifications on the current access event.
  • Advanced Security– Uses end-to-end encryption to ensure that clients’ information is well protected from any form of breach.

Paxton Net2 or Paxton10 – Which is better?

Depending on the needs of your company and the future perspectives, you can choose between Paxton Net2 and Paxton10.

Why Choose Paxton Net2?

  • Smaller Businesses

If you own a small to medium-sized company and your access control is relatively simple, Net2 is affordable and easy to implement.

  • Ease of Use

It is a simple software that allows efficient training and control of staff, as well as access management, and even a person with limited technical expertise can operate it easily.

  • Established Infrastructure

Paxton Net2 is suitable if you already have a framework for security and are looking for a solid and flexible system to support it.

Why Choose Paxton10?

  • Growing Businesses

Larger organisations or companies that intend to expand in the near future will require the more advanced features that are available with Paxton10 to meet their access control requirements.

  • Smart Building Integration

In a market where everyone is looking forward to developing a smart office with a building management system, Paxton10 is the right option.

  • Remote Management

It is suitable for organisations that have branches or for those that have offices in different locations since they can be managed and monitored through the cloud.

Security and Software Interoperability

Both systems incorporate Paxton’s state-of-the-art software for managing and controlling the access in the two systems.

Net2 Software

Since it is simple to use, it can be easily deployed and used on a daily basis to regulate access rights.

Paxton10 Software

A more enhanced version of the system comes with added features such as automation and real-time alerts to encompass a complete security system.

Difference between Paxton Net2 and Paxton10

Feature Paxton Net2 Paxton10
System Architecture; Networked access control Integrated building automation
Platform Wireless and wired option Cloud based platform
Management Local Management via on-premises software Remote management via cloud-based platform
Scalability Suitable for small scale and medium sized businesses. ; Ideal for large enterprises and muti operational sites.
Access Method Key fobs, access cards and PIN Key fobs, access cards, smartphone and PIN.
Integration Capabilities Integrates with other security systems (CCTV, intruder alarms) Integrates with building management systems (lighting, HVAC)
Notifications and Alerts Basic notifications for access events and system alerts Advanced, real-time notifications and mobile alerts
Data Protection Standard security measures End-to-end encryption for enhanced security
Real-Time Monitoring Limited to on-site monitoring Available from anywhere with internet connectivity
Remote Access Limited to on-premises network Full remote access and management
Smart Building Integration No Yes
User Interface Intuitive and simple Comprehensive with advanced features


Paxton Net2 is a great solution for small businesses looking for an easy and expandable access control system. At the same time, Paxton10 is more appropriate for large organisations requiring powerful and integrated features of a smart building.

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